How is assessment done in this programme?

For all programmes, learner's performance on each course is assessed by a written examination and by the submission of online assignments. Students cannot sit for the written examinations for a course unless they have completed all the compulsory assignments.

The grade awarded for the course is based on the mark obtained in the written examination and on the combined mark for the assignments on the course.

Examinations take place at the end of every semester at various University examination centers around the country.

How are examinations conducted?

1. Examinations will be written during the last 2 weeks of every semester, and students will
     need to visit UNN examination centers close to them to write their examinations. Please
     visit the locations page to see the liaison offices closest to you.
2. Examinations may be computer based or paper based. The examination modality would
     always be announced.
3. On the examination day, students are advised to be at the venue of the examination at
     least thirty (30) minutes to the start of the examination. Any admission into the
     examination later than 30 minutes would be  at the discretion of the invigilator.
4. Students must display their ID cards during examinations.
5. Students are required to bring their own writing materials such as the calculators and
     other writing materials allowed into the examinations hall.
6.  Involvement in examination malpractice attracts invitation to the Examination
     Malpractice Panel and may subsequently expulsion from the University depending
     on the gravity of offence.

What if a learner has a complaint about his result? Are there provisions for re-check of marks?

A student may apply to the University for their Results to be re-checked if they think a mark received is due to an administrative error.

A student who wishes to apply for an administrative re-check of marks must do so by specific deadlines and by following the procedure set out on the existing University of Nigeria guidelines.

What is the duration of the programme and how flexible is it?

The duration for the program is 18 months. Students with degrees not related to accounting, banking & finance, management and marketing or who have third class or Higher National Diplomas will be required to take foundational courses at the begining of the program.

Students can also decide to study at anytime, from any place as there will be no real realtime lectures.
Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains vital information for all CDeL Prospective and current students. Please, endeavour to read and understand.

When does academic activitiess resume?

There are 2 admission cycles each year. The first cycle begins in January while the second begins in June.

In other to get into the January or June batch, applicants must complete their applications before the 8th of December or 8th of May respectively.

How does one apply for admission?

No written examination is required to apply. To apply, all you need to do is click here.

What are the fees like? Can learners pay by installment?

Admitted students may decide to pay their tuition fees every month, per semester, per session or all at once. All fees must be paid in accordance with the University’s procedures and deadlines, which can be seen in the Tution & Fees page.

What are the fees for pre-MBA?

The fees for pre-MBA are the same as that of MBA.  The difference here is that the learner will spend one extra semester.

Are there provisions for refund?

This is subject to the University’s extant policy.

Does the MBA Certificate indicate distance learning?

The certificate given at the end of the programme is the same as your offline MBA certificate on campus. Certificates will not carry any form of “Distance Learning" or "Online” on them.

Is there provision for withdrawal from the Programme?

Any student who is absent from the programme for two consecutive Academic semesters without official permission will be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme. Also any student whose CGPA falls below 1.00 for two consecutive semesters will be required to withdraw from the University.

Is transcript requred on application?

The only documents required during online application into the programme are a passport photograph, first degree certificate or statement of result, and a valid identity card.

But admitted students will be required to visit the University's Liaison offices close to them to present their documents for sight seeing (a copy of the transcript inclusive), when the session resumes.

Can a learner go on Leave of absence?

Any student who is unable to continue with his/her studies at any point in time due to ill-health or unforeseen circumstances may apply through his/her programme director to the Senate for leave of absence for one or maximum of two semesters.

Can a learner defer his/her admission?

Yes, a learner can defer his admission after full registration.  Any fees he paid before deferment will be accounted for him on resumption.
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