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Internet Access

All students are required to have regular internet access, allowing them to access the following resources:

  • The student portal
  • Programme resources on the Online Learning Environment
  • Programme resources on the University of Nigeria
  • The Programme Specification and Regulations for their programme of study
  • The University Regulations and the University of Nigeria Programmes Student Handbook.
  • Students With Specific Access Requirements

    The University of Nigeria Distance Learning Programme welcomes applications from students with disabilities and/or specific access requirements. It aims to provide the appropriate support to enable students with specific access requirements to have the same chance as all other students to successfully complete their studies. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that both the application procedure and the programme itself are organised and delivered to offer all students the opportunity to participate fully. Students with a disability or others who may need special arrangements to assist in taking examinations (such as a separate room or special aids) should complete the relevant section of the application form. Requests will be considered by a University panel, which aims to ensure that students with specific access requirements are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged when compared with other students.

    Student Support, Information And Guidance

    The following summarises the support and guidance available to students:

  • Help and advice is available through the Online Learning Environment.
  • Information about core texts for each course studied.
  • Textbooks and articles that are important to the subject.
  • Multimedia tools – course lectures on DVD that expand on the important issues that have been raised in the course or computer software may be included
  • A University of Nigeria email account.
  • The University of Nigeria Online Library.
  • Regulations, containing full details of syllabuses, programme structure, assessment regulations, degree classification criteria, etc.;
  • The careers department of the registry also offer guidance to careers.
  • The Public relations department also disseminates information concerning and within the university community.