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Orientation Programme

The University of Nigeria organizes orientation programmes for the new students. An orientation programme is the first exposure of fresh students to social and academic life both within and outside the University. It is a period within which students are introduced to the various activities on the mode of study that they will be exposed to in the course of their academic programme.

The orientation programme affords students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rules, regulations and procedures of the university. During the orientation students would be thought on how to use the Learning Management System and how to interact with their tutors online as well as accessing the various forms of course materials.

During the orientation, students would be able to meet the officers of the University as well as the Centre. They are introduced to various facilities in the University such as library, Learner support offices, Heath centre, etc.

This programme affords the new students an opportunity to get acclimatised with the rules, regulations, procedures, activities and facilities of the University of Nigeria and the route to their programme. This programme offers the students the opportunity to learn what should help them and avoid mistakes.

Matriculation And Matriculation Number

Students who gain admission into the programme at the University of Nigeria are assigned matriculation number. Each student has a unique matriculation number and this serves as a means of identification of each student. This number is retained even in the case of change of programme. Students are advised to learn and know their matriculation numbers at all times.

Identity Card

Each registered student will be issued a University of Nigeria ID card and this is the only valid means of identification acceptable as a student of the university. Student may be required at any time to identify themselves by authorised University officials in the performance of their duties. Students are advised to always carry their ID cards with them.

No entry into examination without ID card.
Keep ID card safe to avoid loss or theft.
Report loss or theft of their ID cards to security and Student Affairs unit without delay.

Leave Of Absence

Any student who is unable to continue with his/her studies at any point in time due to ill-health or unforeseen circumstances may apply through his/her programme director to the Senate for leave of absence for one or maximum of two semesters.

Registration Of Courses

All students are required to register for all their required general, core and elective courses within a specified period at the beginning of every semester. Students are eligible to participate in tests, assignments and examinations of only the registered courses.

These course registrations are done electronically and only the results of registered courses are published.

Penalties For Late Registration:

Late registration of courses after a stipulated period attracts a fine that may be determined by the University

Non-registration in a given semester attracts loss of studentship for that semester

Students who do not register for a course in any semester would not be permitted to sit for examination and as such should expect no result.

Registering Body

The registering body is the University of Nigeria Centre for Distance and E-Learning Programme

Accreditation By Statutory Body

All University of Nigeria Distance and E-Learning Programmes would be accredited by the National Universities Commission

Administrative Question/Issues

There are also Academic and Administrative Officers who are available to answer questions about the administrative aspect of the student’s studies.

Technical Issues

There is also a technical team who help with any difficulties in accessing the Online Learning Environment, issues with uploading assignments and downloading assignment questions and any other technical issues that may arise.

Discussion Forums

There is also access to online discussion forums with other students and tutors.


There is also a forum where only announcements are posted to keep the students informed.