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Levels Of Performance

The courses are marked according to the following scales:

A student must have completed assignment and examinations before a course is passed.

In order to pass a course, a student must attain a score of at least 40%.

A student must complete the required number of courses before an award of MBA in Banking and Finance is conferred.

To calculate the cumulative grade point average CGPA, all courses are weighted according to their credit loads.

Semester Performance/Grade Point Average

A student’s performance in a semester is calculated as Grade Point Average (GPA). This involves the awarding of credit points in respect of each course taken during the semester. For every level of performance, the following grade point is allotted:

The semester GPA is then obtained as the ratio of the total number of credit points (TCP) to the total number of units (TNU) of courses offered during the semester. Therefore, GPA = TCP/TNU.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

The GPA is used to measure a student’s performance at every semester, the CGPA is used to ascertain the student’s overall academic standing. It is also the CGPA that is used to classify the degrees awarded to students.

The CGPA is obtained as the ratio of all credit points accumulated since admission into the university to the total number of units registered since admission into the university. CGPA is cumulative GPA to the cumulative loads units (CLU). . CGPA = CCP/CLU. All CGPA calculations are to decimal places.

Degree Awards

For the award of an MBA Banking and Finance, a student must have attempted and normally have passed the required number of courses.

All results are subject to the approval of the board of examiners and also the University’s Senate.

To be considered for the award of a first class honours, a student must obtain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.5 and above.

To be considered for the award of second class upper division, a student must obtain a CGPA in the range 3.5 and 4.49.

To be considered for the award of second class lower division, a student must obtain a CGPA in the range 3.0 and 3.49.

For a pass award, a student must obtain 2.5 to 2.49.

Credit Value Of Courses

Credits are assigned to each course of a programme usually to depict the amount of learning undertaken in terms of notional study hours, and a specified credit level indicates the relative depth, complexity and intellectual demand of learning involved.

For MBA, all courses accommodate no less than 120 notional study hours.

Classification Of Degree

The degrees awarded by University are Honours degree and are classified by CGPA as shown below:

Sample Computation Of GPA And CGPA

The following is a sample:

1st Semester

Students who do not register for a course in any semester would not be permitted to sit for examination and as such should expect no result.


The University through the Exams and records department keeps the students’ academic records. The university issues transcripts upon request which is done through the i-transcript portal found on the university website. Transcript processing fee is charges according to the destination. Due to the volume of request received, students are advised to make and allow enough time for their request to be processed.

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Change Of Names By Students

  • All students should graduate the names they registered with at admission
  • Only female students are allowed to change their names as a result of change in marital status but with documented proof.
  • No male student is allowed to change their names in the university.
  • Guideline For Change Of Programme

    A student can apply for change of course after completion of 100 level and fulfilment of the requirements of the department the students wish to change to.