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Established in 1960, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka remains one of the pillars of university education, research and scholarship in Nigeria. As the first indigenous university in Nigeria, the University of Nigeria was founded at independence in 1960 upon the philosophy “To seek Truth, teach Truth and preserve Truth” with the mandate “To Restore the Dignity of Man”.

The Distance and e-Learning Centre is consistent with a core objective of the University, declared at inception: “to organize, improve and extend education of a university standard’. In line with the vision of the founding fathers of the university, the current administration seeks to make the UNN an academic giant and pacesetter in research, innovative teaching, and robustness of its community service and global visibility.

The university has established the CDeL to meet the demand for higher-level education, required by a worldwide audience, who are desirous to gain knowledge without permanent change in residency or current life-schedule while maintaining quality education accessible through the CDeL with interactive, actionable and relevant learning that is flexible, diverse, breeding collaboration and supporting students to reach personal and career goals.


Vision Statement

To be a centre of International standard noted for clear and unique focus on open and distance learning programmes, as well as innovative and appropriate pedagogy. In this regard, our vision is to become a centre of excellence in open & distance learning ranking among the world's best.


Mission Statement

To offer all persons who desire to fulfill their educational aspirations but can not due to constraints of time, space and employment, an unimpeded access to high quality lifelong education capable of restoring their dignity through flexible, blended and ICT-enabled learning platforms.


The philosophy of the UNN CDeL is anchored on the principle that learning is a life-long experience that should be open and accessible to all, offered and delivered in a manner that is flexible to accommodate the needs and interests of diverse groups taking full advantage of technology.